Bum Bop

It’s been several days since I’ve masturbated because I had really good sex recently with my cuddle bear…

I’m always horny, though, as stated in previous posts. Last night I was so aroused and even planned to get off before I fell asleep but as soon as I was undressed and in my freshly washed sheets, I relaxed to the point of no return. I don’t even remember laying there.

This morning, in the shower, the feeling persisted. Arousal.

The hot water was stimulating in so many ways! Quickly I scrubbed my head, neck and shoulders. Then I paused to let the hot water run down my back. Noticing how tight my lower back was, I bent over and stretched, reaching for my toes. The hot water stung lightly as it sprayed my skin. Bending further over, I felt it running between my buttcheeks, the temperature alerting my anus sensationally. I reached my hand to where the water was tickling my fancy and with one finger, circled the area, then inserted it.

Ooooh. That was nice… I finished my shower and dashed into my bedroom so I could finish what I started.

I glanced at the clock and saw that I had an extra 10 minutes so I grabbed my towel, a dildo and some lube and wasted no time getting it in my ass.

(I read somewhere recently that women and folx who have no prostate that like anal, potentially like the feeling of being filled or “full”.) As I leaned back on the base of the dong, pushing it as deep as possible into my asshole, I thought about my own arousal. At that moment I wanted all my holes to be penetrated…

Dammit, no time for all that! I rocked forward and back, pounding my ass with the Silver Streak from #Tantus, reaching around with one hand to pump the silicone cock in and out while using my other hand to stroke my gorging clit and finger my hole.

I came quickly and because I wisely had slipped a condom over my dildo before gooping it up with lube and shoving it in my ass, the clean-up was fairly easy… or so I expected.

The towel I was sitting on served its purpose, keeping all the butt juice contained and one final trip to the bathroom to clean up anything extra was all I now had time for. Luckily my stuff was laid out and I was able to get dressed, grab my lunch and get out the door and still be on time to work! Huzzah!

Not even twenty minutes after arriving at work and sitting at my desk, I noticed an itchy dampness. Uh-oh.

Dammit again.

Note to self: 1) Use less lube or allow more time between morning ass-poundings and desk-sittings 2) Pack fresh underwear, just in case




Dirty little lunch break

I volunteered at Folsom Street Events’ Up Your Alley this past weekend. I worked a lot and I did enjoy myself but I had no time to “play” and enjoy the fun.

I’ve been extremely horny all week.


Today, instead of eating lunch, I watched porn. Bear porn, grrr. While I watched, I texted my chubby little friend and masturbated to his pretty little face photo. I told him about it afterwards and I’m wishing he will come soon to cuddle with me….. Ohhhhh! Fuck! I squirted on the dashboard.


Pup Space

It’s been many years since my Mistress compared me to a guard dog…

…newly reawakened, this submissive but protective instinct has surfaced in time for Folsom Street Fair.

Recently, I met a lovely Domme type member of our growing leather/fetish community. I was instantly drawn to her.

Generally being more of a Daddy figure or assertive top, my desire to drop to my knees in front of her was confusing yet intriguing. I kept it to myself for the first couple of weeks and as each day passed…each day that I yearned to know her…I hinted a little more. Finally after concluding that our interactions were welcomed, I took the next step in expressing my attraction.

I told her about a fantasy I had involving me giving one of my friends a blow job with her watching, coaching even, and ending with her penetrating me from behind using a purple strap-on. After I told her all this information, there was a break in our communication. I was nervous. Had I shared too much?

Eventually, her response to me was, “You’re sweet.”

“Really???!!! That’s all you have to say?” was my immediate thought… Later I took that simple 2-word statement as a win. She hadn’t condemned me for having naughty thoughts. She didn’t even act like it bothered her…still as a punishment to myself, I refrained from thinking about her sexually for the next several days…not really…instead of texting her anything of substance, I sent her an illustration describing one of the fantasies I had revealed, then later another image of my fantasy, servicing her…

The day after that, I sent her a selfie I took in my car before work. To me, the look on my face was almost surrendering… She sent a photo in return. It was a photo of her with little or no makeup and it appeared she had just gotten out of bed. Radiating youth and tenderness…again I noticed a desire to kneel before her.

I thought about this desire for a few more days.

We continued to converse about things unknown of each other. Concluding that we met for some “universal plan” due to our common acquaintances and the timing of our introduction, I shared more experiences. Eventually I asked a question which I was not prepared to hear the answer to. It wasn’t the answer to the question but the vulnerability she expressed in answering the question that cut into me deeply. I felt a fierce desire to protect and guard and be of service to and for her.


Then it came to me. The feeling of wanting to be at her feet… the desire to be submissive, was like the desire I see in my dog to protect and care for me. I thought about the concept for a few seconds. I could not describe my feeling any more precisely. I decided to let it be known that I was feeling this way.


She mentioned that she had recently lost her pup and I felt like I had made another huge mistake…(but wait, earlier when I thought I was mistaken in telling her about my fantasy…THAT ACTUALLY WORKED OUT OKAY)…so I asked if she could possibly teach me some things.

She said, “Yes!”

I was elated, and my heart thumped and tickled the insides of my chest.

I spent the evening reading about pup gear and blogs and events until I fell asleep.

The next morning was Day 1. Off to the pet store I went… I had no money for gear at this immediate moment but I needed something to signify my new self. A tag. Perfect, engraved with my name… maybe one day it will also have the name of my Handler…

Forty-eight hours later, back at work, what I remember is sunlight and napping in the park, leisure, wanting to be petted, and a content feeling that I was loved.

Pup space. I found it easy to get into and hard to come out of. Oh how I long to go there for long periods of time…oh how I long for her to come with me…


I wanna lick your face


Yes. It’s true.

I’m still rushing from the intense high that was Project Nunway 8: Sinfinity.

Leading up to the event, I found myself masturbating, sometimes, three times a day to relieve anxiety and stress. Hard and fast always.

Now that it’s over, I am relaxed…and still horny of course! Now, I masturbate leisurely… and I wanna cuddle and explore your body. Every warm nook and cranny I will smell and lick as I melt into you.

Mmmm. Your scent penetrates deep into my soul. Total arousal. Tell me now if you don’t like to be bitten otherwise I’m going to tear into you, a primal animalistic ritual…

I want to lick your face and kiss your lips. Wet. Everywhere.

Salt. Sweat. Naked flesh. I will eat you from the inside. You will feel throbbing in your belly…and heart.

Relax. Breathe in… and out… deeper I go… inside of you… not only my tongue, but fingers.

Another hand presses firmly on you neck but not so that you feel threatened…but confined. Excitement rushes over you and you thrust yourself upon my hand.

Inundating and pulsating, you consume my whole fist in your cavity…

Clamped on like a giant python, I feel your body tightening over my hand as I push and pull in rhythm to the spasms of your body.

More wet… lots more wet… mmmmmm.

Licking and lapping at the juicy wetness, from your swollen genitals to your puffy lips.

I kiss you.

Good morning.